Katie Eden

My story starts with the lowest place I’ve ever been before. Postpartum depression knocked me flat. It's a place I NEVER wanted to be again. One of the things my doctor told me I needed to do was exercise every single day. So that’s what I did because I knew it would help me get to a better place. I had gained a ton of weight during my pregnancy. Yes, that’s normal but ya’ll 70 lbs is NOT normal. Let’s be real, I let myself go. I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. I couldn’t stand who I had become so when the weight started to come off, I started to see myself different. I had more confidence in myself and it felt SO GOOD. Fast forward a few months when my hubby asked if I would compete in a bodybuilding show with him. We set out a game plan, figured out a diet to get us to show weight and dove right in. The show came and then....it was over. We had no game plan for after the show. We just went right back to our old patterns. Then the weight started to creep back on and before I knew it, I was getting back up to where I started again. Unbelievably frustrated, I picked another show with another set meal plan. You know what? The SAME thing happened. Yo-Yo dieting at it’s finest. I picked another show but this time? This time, I was EDUCATED on how to keep the weight off after the show. This time I had the tools and knowledge to maintain the weight I wanted to be at in the off season and I love that feeling of empowerment!

What started off as a way to dig myself out of my own misery has turned into a passion. This is what I enjoy doing. So much so that I changed profession and became a certified personal trainer and now I want to be able to pass my knowledge on to you. I want YOU to be able to break free from the yo-yo diet cycle and eating patterns that have been engrained over time. I want YOU to be able to maintain your goals, even better yet, continue to push to new goals and also have the confidence to know that you don’t ever have to go backwards again!!