Kate Woodard

Hey there! My name is Kate Woodard, I am the owner of Eat Sleep Move Create in Marshfield, Massachusetts. A full life is created with the proper balance of food, sleep and movement! Creating balance in all of these areas will lead to a full and happy life! My vision is to help as many people as possible find it within themselves to create positive lasting change for the goodness of their own health.

I come to you with over ten years of experience in the health and wellness industry. I am a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Coach with a passion for motivating others to reach for and surpass their wellness goals. I absolutely LOVE fitness. Aside from training clients one on one, I teach a myriad of fitness formats from Barre, HIIT and Strength to Cycling and Rowing (my true wheelhouse). I bring positivity, creativity, high energy and knowledge to each and every one of my sessions and classes. I firmly believe that everyBODY has a seat at the table and an opportunity to reach maximum potential through discipline, dedication and self-confidence. If you lack self-confidence, I will dig it out of you! Why? I’ve been there too!

I began my macronutrient journey two years ago. After a lifelong battle with an eating disorder, a mind full of doubt and a mere shell of a body- I took a leap of faith. Man, was my mind blown by the results. I couldn’t believe I could actually eat food! It may sound crazy, but it is true! Ever since then I have been shouting the glories of macronutrient nutrition from the rooftops. As you may imagine, my story runs deep and I can’t wait to share it with you, so let’s get started together!

When I am not working you can find me hanging with my husband Brian and two kids Grady (10) and Rosie (8). I love everything creative and DIY. We live a simple life on the coast with our furry friends Rocky, Kitty and the Rabbits, Cupcake and Shadow!