Justin Walker

Justin Walker is not a bodybuilder. He does not own his own gym, and he does not live at the gym. He is a dad. One who must balance living healthy while taking care of his family, home, business, and serving the community as a career Indianapolis Firefighter.

He thought it was his lot in life to live with a “dad bod.” As a firefighter he was staying very active but still struggling with his weight. Even while in the academy training vigorously he struggled to lose weight. He had heard the term macros and saw people weigh and measure proportions of food and wanted to learn more. He Knew that nutrition is key but just needed a coach to help him connect the dots. Being overwhelmed with all the mis-information, he found a coach with Marco Missionary. He learned the science of how to properly fuel his body with a balanced lifestyle. Most importantly, in a way that is realistic for someone with the time constraints of a family and career. He had guidance with workouts, nutrition, and accountability. This filled the gap to finally make a lifestyle change. He has lost 30lbs so far, gained energy, and is stronger and happier than ever before. He has assisted his wife in losing 40lbs after giving birth to their now 6-month-old little girl.

Now Justin wants to pass that knowledge to you. If he can do it, so can you! He will be there to guide and support you along the way providing education motivation and accountability. He will meet you wherever you are in your current journey and start from there. Contact him to see how he can help you reach your fitness and nutrition goals. LETS DO THIS!