Jovan McClarty

Hello, my name is Jovan or Jo. I am a husband, father, social worker, and business owner. That is a lot of hats. Well back in 2019 that all could have been ruin due to my health. Easter 2019, I was admitted to
the hospital due to diabetes complications. I was always told that I was prediabetic and that it was genetics. My doctor attempted to do everything possible to not have me become depended on insulin
shots. However, I made the choice that I was going to insulin and work myself off of it. I had been through a medical weight loss program before but was not committed to a lifestyle change.

Fast-forward today, I am off all medications related to diabetes and because of my healthy choices I now only take a small dose of blood pressure medication to protect my kidney. I exercise regularly and eat
appropriately. I have even started competing in bodybuilding.

My goal is to help others experience a lifestyle change. We all wear hats, have dreams, and goals to accomplish. Nutrition is huge part of us accomplishing things. With the right fuel we can do anything!