Jenny Badillo

Hi! My name is Jenny! I'm a single mom of four kids and two fur babies.
I've been in the fitness industry since 2011! I started out as the shy girl in the back of the class trying to lose the baby weight and left with sore muscles that I didn't even know I had. But I kept showing up. Day after day. Week after week. In 8 months I went from the girl in the back of the class to the girl leading the class.
Since then I've immersed myself into the fitness industry and have become very passionate about fitness and nutrition and helping others.

I have been certified as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and in various other fitness formats. I've also studied wrestling, kickboxing, boxing, Jiu Jitsu and MMA. I've taught a variety of fitness classes, competed in mud runs, in MMA, Jiu Jitsu and exercised through all of my pregnancies.

Being an athlete I realized the importance of food for fuel, performance and recovery.

I take a holistic approach to nutrition and fitness and believe it's not only important for weight management and physical health, but mental health as well. I am passionate at using fitness and nutrition to help people feel and be the best possible version of themselves.
As a person who's struggled with anxiety and depression and trauma I understand the impact health, fitness, and nutrition has in overcoming mental obstacles.