Janae Martintoni

I have always had a lifelong passion for fitness and wellness. When I was a young child, I remember going to aerobics class with my mom, (with leotards and leg warmers in check of course!), and then working out to home workouts with fitness shows on ESPN 2 (back in the day!). I struggled with my weight as a young child and was dedicated to working hard to "win" with a healthy weight and feeling good. 

I have been working as an outpatient physical therapist with that same “hard work” mentality, working primarily with the orthopedic, chronic pain, and vestibular patient population for 16 years. I enjoy working with all kinds of different people and am always in awe about how each person has been blessed with their own unique, special story. I believe it is my calling to make a difference in people’s lives and light their “inner fire” to be the best version of themselves.

In recent years, I have seen firsthand, just how holistic methods of treatment enhances our quality of life and health. In a world with so much technology at our fingertips, we continue to decline in overall health and in helping people who might be struggling to find somewhere to turn. I have seen the effects of poor nutrition and deconditioning on one’s ability to heal and know it is time to incorporate “let thy food be the medicine and the medicine by thy food” into each person’s plan to heal them as a whole person. 

This is why I am committed to coaching each individual, lighting their “inner fire”, and changing lives for the better, customized to their needs. I am excited to share in each person’s journey toward optimal health and wellness, and we will be a united front. This is my “Inner Fire”. Thank you and let’s take that first step and get started together…this is the first day of the rest of your life!