Jacquelyn Gwin Thompson
aka Thatlittlebuffchef

Jacquelyn is no stranger to stress, having come from a long career as a professional chef and competitive bikini athlete. After transitioning out of the high-stress environment of the culinary industry, she has since turned her sights on empowering and educating women on navigating their own personal health, hormone, and lifestyle hurdles while sharing what she has learned as a chef, athlete, and soon to be nutritionist.

She is currently in pursuit of a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has additionally completed Precision Nutrition Lvl 1., is a certified reiki master, yoga instructor, and holds her Personal Training Certificate from ISSA.

As a nationally ranked NPC competitive bikini athlete, business owner, and restaurant veteran, she has first-hand experience in navigating the hurdles of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing stress, and juggling athletic and career responsibilities. With her ability to offer first-hand knowledge of menus, how to pick healthy offerings, and knowing what words to say when placing an order, on top of her own health, hormonal, and relationship struggles, she brings a wealth of experience to those she works with.

After pulling herself out of a toxic marriage and manifesting her "happily ever after", she brings with her knowledge on empowering women not only in making healthy choices, but how to apply these skills in their personal lives as well.

Jacquelyn truly believes we have an opportunity to better ourselves at each and every meal, that through empowering and educating others on how to make a handful of consistently good decisions, the use of macro tracking, and weaving healthy mindset habits throughout not only our diet but in every aspect of our lives, we can be free of the intimidation factors, diet info overload, and have the ability to feel better, look better, be happier, and create a chain reaction of empowerment leading to sustainable weight loss and life changing results.