Hudson Wikoff

Hello there, I’m Hudson. A dad to two little girls and husband to Sarah. I’m a new entrepreneur, old intrapreneur, food and fitness lover who occasionally can make people laugh (mostly at me), and helps individuals transform the way they look and feel about food. I’m a Certified Health Coach and a client-proclaimed Level 10 personal trainer helping my clients understand how to fix their thoughts, habits, and relationship with food and their bodies, and ditch the yo-yo diet cycle for good.

At NewAge Nutrition you will find all the recipes you’ll ever need paired with workout programs designed to meet each individual exactly where they are at in their fitness game. You will be able to take the wheel, with me as your co-captain to help you get from wherever we are in our health journey en route to your final destination. Life is too short to eat the same old boring food everyday and restrict yourself from the finer delicacies that the foodie world has given us. I love good ‘clean’ food, but I also love pizza, chocolate and wine; with a macronutrient lifestyle, you can enjoy all of these guilt free and still see the success you hope to have. I believe in educating clients on how to transform habits and mindset to make this a lifelong sustainable health plan.

When I’m not working with clients or thinking about what I want to eat next, I’m usually being active in some way, hanging out with my family or chasing my 8 chickens around the yard. I love lifting, kicking my own tail in workouts, hiking, fishing, DIY projects, camping, travel and coffee. I was a college football player, then coach back in 2006-2011, competed in multiple CrossFit regionals and in the American Open Finals. One time I also tried to run a half marathon for fun…. (stupid. stupid idea.). Oh, I also like to have dance parties and play dress up… with my 4 yo and 1.5 yo.. I occasionally throw these hilarious scenes up on social media. Thanks for perusing my bio - Now let’s go eat some amazing food and learn some fun things about nutrition and fitness! Check out @newage_nutritioncoaching on Instagram or NewAge Nutrition Coaching on Facebook.