Heather Saylor

My name is Heather Saylor owner of Fit Train Inc.

I got into fitness about 10 years ago . I have since done a body building show & transformed in the best shape of my life . This has been my dream for so many years to be able to help people become the healthiest version of themselves. I live & breath learning everything I can on nutrition/ fitness . I read books , listen to podcasts , videos , articles & taken some online courses . You might say I'm a fitness nerd . Haha I'm so fascinated by the science of weight loss . One thing that upsets me is people selling shakes , pills & fake food for a quick fix . I want to help people be able to sustain what I teach them and never to have to go a "diet " again . I would most like to help people who binge eat or psychologically eat because I think it should start there first . Also would like to get into show prep.