Heather Roundtree

Hi! My name is Heather! I am a wife & Mama to 3 incredible kids, always on the go!

I spent 15 years in healthcare between the Military & Civilian life! I've always had a Passion for helping People!

At 17 years old I was diagnosed with endometriosis & polycystic ovarian syndrome, something doctors told me would mean a life of pain, obesity, and inflammation. For years I fought this through physically demanding careers. My weight was constantly on a rollercoaster regardless of what new “diet” I was on or what exercise regimen my body could endure. As I got older and had kids, the process got harder and harder!

Once I discovered and started diving into the benefits of good nutrition, I was hooked! I knew that others could benefit from the results I was seeing!

I am committed to creating a comfortable learning environment that focuses not just on weightloss, but whole mind and body transformation. Through my experiences as an Instructor in healthcare, I’ve learned how to switch teaching types based on client needs! Whether you are looking for accountability, community, one on one, or even a drill type coach.

I am here to EMPOWER people who have felt chained down by their health and to give them Renewed Hope through knowledge, skills, resources, support, and an environment that Motivates and Inspires.

I'm here to guide you to your BEST Self. Are you ready to UnShackle your health?