Greg Woods

Hi! I’m Greg, I am an engaged to my beautiful fiancée and also have 1 daughter, they are my inspiration for everything I do. Growing up I was always interested in wellness, I played almost every sport I could try. I fell in love with lifting weights in high school and have kept that love all this time.

For most of my adult life I have stayed pretty small in weight, that is until my nutrition journey started. My nutrition journey started back in February ‘21, when I was at my all-time lowest, mentally, physically, and emotionally. What really saved me and helped get out of the depression I was in, was the fulfillment I gained from being in-tune with my body and feeding it right. Nutrition and wellness truly did save me, by helping my create the lifestyle I want and also by creating good, positive habits.

During the day I work as an HVAC Service technician, where I get to help and educate people, on how heating and cooling works. I have always been told that I have a passion for helping and educating people on various topics, and that is ultimately why I chose to become a nutrition/wellness coach. My goal is to be able to provide a helping hand, while also educating clients and seeing them become just as fulfilled as I am with the nutritional knowledge I have gained.

Let’s work together to, accomplish your health and fitness goals.