Round2 with
Erik & Kristin Richards

I am living proof that God does orchestrate second chances at life! After surviving tumultuous first rounds of marriage my bride and I found ourselves gifted with what we lovingly refer to as our Round 2. A second chance to find true love, health and happiness.

As we navigated through uncharted waters we picked up new tools that we have found valuable to living our best life. I lost 43 lbs in 2016 and have kept it off! In an effort to share these tools we have partnered with MacroMissionary & MacroMillionaire.

We believe that you are never too old to start living a healthier, more abundant life!

  • Christ Followers
  • Blended family with 3 teens
  • Personal weight loss journey
  • Huge proponents of total body transformation that requires mindset changes as much as nutritional changes
  • Each client will be given custom nutrition advice, weekly workouts, checkins and full to access to a private member group complete with recipe guides, grocery lists, education trainings and more