Emmanuel Deng

Hey my name is Emmanuel Deng but I also go by Manny which is the first initial in my brand name "MDFITNESS & NUTRITION". Ironically I remember middle school through my junior year when I hated having to workout for my sport teams. I was a very skinny kid and weighed about 150lbs soak and wet the beginning of my junior year. As I began to take sports more seriously I realized in order to be the best athlete in the league I had to stand out amongst everyone else. So that's when I decided to put my laziness to the side and began to train in the weight room and eat better and healthier. This transformed my life and I was standing at 185lbs healthy and strong in just 1 year!. I was more energized throughout my day, I felt healthier, and I loved the way I looked. I say all that to say this no matter what you do in life, strengthening your muscles and living a healthy life will correlate to your daily living. You will take those habits of waking up early and lifting at the same time everyday and you will begin to take those good habits and see it in different parts of your daily living. You will learn the power of consistency and determination which will in time make you a much more efficient person.

I believe this is my calling on this earth, to serve and help others and to love my neighbors as myself. I want you to succeed in life just as much as I want to. I'm here to assist you in getting your body where YOU want it to be, not just to tell you what you can and can't eat. Let's make every day count. There is no guarantee for tomorrow. Live everyday with purpose. Let's get to work!