Dianne & Tommy McCollister

We are a company that is helping others become the best versions of themselves through realistic ways of eating and working out.

We are a husband and wife team of coaches. Tommy has been heavily involved in fitness for over 10 years. Working with athletes and the everyday people looking to feel better mentally and physically. He has personally strived for high levels of success in athletic endeavors and optimizing his body and mind for greater life enjoyment. High levels of training led to a deep dive into how important nutrition is for every aspect of life. He is certified nutrition coach under Macro Millionaire. 

Dianne has been involved in nutrition for over 5 years. Her journey started out when she was figuring out her own health issues. After many years if trial, error and lots of success, she found her passion for nutrition and fitness. That ultimately led her wanting to pass that info along to others and see them overcome similar frustrations. She is a nutrition coach certified with Macro Millionaire.

Our vision is to help others understand that nutrition and fitness does not have to be a burden on one’s life. It’s all about sustainability. Loving oneself and the process that goes along with it!!

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