Diana Salinas

I recently became a mother, I’m a wife but I’m also a very passionate individual about health, nutrition & fitness.

I started my fitness journey 5 years ago doing the best I could but I was still very lost in both the gym and with my nutrition.

Eventually I decided to hire a coach who promised me a successful prep for a bodybuilding show. Unfortunately I didn’t have the best experience with this coach, he had me severely low on calories which had caused me to have a terrible relationship with food, alongside with an eating disorder and a lot of hormonal issues. I battled depression on and off through this process.

I competed in powerlifting and after that I decided to give my bodybuilding dream another chance. I accomplished my dream to step on stage on November 11th 2017.

My biggest dream has always been to help people live a healthier lifestyle and to help them avoid everything I had experienced as a beginner. To teach them that pursuing healthy eating doesn’t mean restrictions and super low calorie diets. To teach them the importance of food, and the impact that having a balanced diet can have on someone’s life.