Danna Cornwell

Hello, I’m Danna (DAN-uh). I’ve had a passion for health and wellness that started at a very young age. I’ve always desired to help others lead a healthier lifestyle, which is why I finally decided to start my business, Weights and Wellness. My overall goal is to teach healthy habits that will last a lifetime by changing your mindset on food and exercise! It IS possible to be active and fuel your body with nutritious foods without feeling like it’s a burden.

Because of my love for great tasting food, I will teach you all the kitchen (and restaurant) hacks on how to eat deliciously and nutritiously! You will have access to a database of wonderful recipes and a wealth of knowledge on all things nutrition. When we pay attention to what we put in our bodies, our bodies thank us. Focusing on eating nutritiously boosts our energy levels and improves our mood!

When it comes to being active, I believe what works for me may not work for you. I love lifting weights and doing yoga but that doesn’t mean those are automatically right for you. I’m here to help you find what works best for YOU! More importantly, I want you to enjoy your workouts so they don’t feel like a chore. With as little as 10 minutes of physical activity a day, you can boost confidence, improve sleep and even mend mental health issues, such as anxiety, which I struggle with.

A little about me and my family - my husband and son also share a passion for fitness and my husband and I are both former competitors. Because of competing, my husband and I both struggled with yo-yo dieting and weight gain, we have since learned a lot about what it really means to live a healthy/balanced life. For me, competing was not healthy, physically or mentally, I have worked on that for years and have developed a great relationship with food and exercise and I hope to help you form that same type of relationship. I love showing people that a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be boring, repetitive or restrictive!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my bio! Check out my social media for inspiration, tips and tricks.
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