Chad & Becky Arterburn

Chad has been active in the health and fitness world for over 30 years. He first stepped into the gym at the age of 15 and discover a true passion for wellness. Chad spent years working through meal plans, nutritional goals, supplements, 14 years of competitive Bodybuilding and workouts to find the right lifestyle. Chad quickly realized that he was not satisfied with just reaching HIS goal. He wanted to help others find that perfect lifestyle as well. Chad opened a nutrition store and managed it for several years, but always felt that urge to be more involved. Chad began to train others at the gym, but that wasn’t enough either. Only when Chad began coaching, sharing all his knowledge of training and personalized nutrition, was he satisfied. Chad knew this was the only path for him.

Chad and Becky have been married for 27 years, have 4 children, and have been blessed with grandchildren. Becky has a Bachler’s degree in Business Management. She has a successful career in Lean Management, completing tasks the most efficient way with the least amount of waste. Who can’t use a bit of that knowledge? She also has 27 years of experience in helping others reach their goals. They understand it is not always as easy as “Just do it.” Life gets in the way, a good way. Together they offer real-life experience and solutions.

Chad and Becky believe every person out there has a lifestyle that will fit them, and their family, perfectly. Their goal is to stand strong with you through the entire journey and help you discover YOURS!