Brenda Holcom

I started New Age Nutrition to help people gain the knowledge of importance of their health. Combining health nutrition and fitness, in combination, so they become the best version of themselves!

I am a wife, a mother, and grandmother of 3 beautiful granddaughters who call me “B. And I want to be that “B” who can always play and keep up with them for many years to come!

After chasing my kids around with their sports for many years and into their college years, I became more in tune with my own health. I was always in some sport in high school and even stayed active in my younger adult years, but I picked up the pace after I put some weight on and struggled to get it off. My husband started cycling again and I eventually joined him. I was active in my gym where I met some great instructors and was led to challenges that included bodybuilding competitions, sprint triathlons and century bike rides. I would not have done any of these things without the encouragement of people whom God put in my life to encourage me and push me to be better!

Everyone’s journey is different, whether it be weight loss, wanting to achieve a higher level of fitness, or maybe a bucket list competing in a body building contest. Maybe it’s just to have more energy and feel good again. I can show you how to eliminate the yo-yo diet and build a sustainable lifestyle that creates new habits for you, your family, and generations to come!

My passion is to help overcome obesity therefore reducing or eliminating many illnesses that go along with it, while helping people create the balance needed to be successful in their weight loss journey. After all we are human and I still like to enjoy my wine and eat some good old comfort food every now and then.