Beth Shepherd

Hello! I am Beth Shepherd and I am a complete nerd for optimal living!

I fell in LOVE with that feeling deep down inside me that I was meant to do more than just be average!

That spark was lit as I started diving deep into personal development. The idea that we aren’t stuck in our current realities, that our habits can be re-formed, our mindset can be renewed, our health can be revived and our bodies can be reshaped. This may sound crazy but there is one habit that is so essential to making this all happen that I decided to pivot my life in order to pursue it.

That habit is health and fitness! Health and fitness is a keystone habit that you can use to literally change your life. The grit, determination, dedication and discipline gained from mastering your health and fitness, those skills ripple out into all the other areas of your life and make them better too! It is life changing!

I have a huge passion to kindle that fire inside of you too! That feeling that you are capable of more, that you can stop the endless cycle of “diets”, failed attempts at exercising regularly, setting goals just to watch them fizzle and fade. I want to give you the tools and inspiration to craft an optimal life. I have the resources, education (nutrition / personal training) and first hand experience to coach you on this journey.

Don’t wait, let's go!!

Ad Astra Nutrition & Fitness - Through Adversity to the Stars!