Benjamin D. Wadsworth

Hello and welcome!

My name is Benjamin D Wadsworth. I am a husband & father first and foremost to my wife Bailee and my sons Isaiah and Elijah.

I was raised as an entrepreneur and I love being in control of my future!
I have been in love with, and fascinated with body building and general health since child hood, and I have a deep passion for connecting with and walking through life's trials with individuals that want or need help with:
- Nutrition
- Education
- Accountability
- Motavation
- & or someone just to be there on your path on your level.

No judgments no unwelcome advice just growth towards your goals at your pace the way you want:)

I'm a professionally trained and coached individual with years of my own personal battles that I've fought and won, and in turn I have taught /mentored/ stood by individuals, and have brought them through trials physically and emotionally giving them my Passion my Education and my Motivation.

I am dedicated to bringing the most value to each individual and I will continue to learn and grow so I can continue to lift up/train and inspire those who are counting on me!

Working with us will give you the opportunity to see where you are at and where you could go! Everything from meal plans to workouts and information/tools to give you every single edge! It's all up to you what you do with your life:) we are just hear to be you companion in this war in this life and our mission is to help you get where you want to go!

I have came to the knowledge that life is to short to waist. And I have also come to understand that not only is life precious but tomorrow is not promised to us. 

I started on my own health and strength path specifically because I know today could be my last and I know that there are people depending on me and my strength.

So I take massive action and change my life. For my wife's sake, for my sons sake, for your sake,

You are valuable and your life is worth living. Take action today and change your life for your sake and then help others make that same decision.

There is so much potential and power in each individual its not even funny! My goal is to get you to see that in your self and change your reality and then have you do the same for others, you are amazing and even if you don't go with us don't forget that you are powerful and you are uniquely made and you have the power to change your life for the better.

I believe in educating each individual with self truths and then ultimately providing them with the tools / resources to change their life for the better.

I was professionally exercising in 2012 @ 168lbs (I was very young) and In 2014 I was 200lb at 12% body fat, I was then professionally coached in 2015 specifically on long-term health and muscle building. I have around 3000 hours of emergency response training / physiology / pathophysiology / Psychology and other ology's;). And thousands and thousands of hours of personal physical & nutrition Education. I have been trained through the years on hundreds of online courses and paying for dozens of so called experts in bodybuilding and nutrition and I have to say that what you will be offered in these courses is nothing short of extraordinary:)

If your ready to take action and make positive life changes let's get started today!