Ashley Allen

Hello, my name is Ashley. I look forward to meeting you! Whether this is your first step towards health & wellness or your re-entry to try something different than what you’ve done in the past - I welcome you on this journey! The most empowering thing you can do for yourself is focus on your wellness and Health Mission 360 is here to take every step along with you!

I am a 52-year-old executive, Navy veteran, single mother of two, lifelong student of wellness, certified Nutrition Health Coach, owner of Health Mission 360, and believer that we can accomplish anything if we do it together!

My interest in health & wellness started in grade school as my mother was on a ‘health kick’ and removed all of the white flour, white sugar and processed foods out of the house. I had to sneak to my best friend’s house to get a slice of white bread with American cheese on top, you know the guilty kind in plastic, shhh don’t tell my mother (who is 86 and the healthiest person I know living a macro life)! 😉

I was introduced to the gym in the 80’s and was trained on Nautilus and various other modalities by an Elite Fitness Trainer, and I was hooked! However, despite leading a clean and healthy life, I still suffered in silence from GI issues that plagued most days but did not slow me down.

I joined the United States Navy and shipped off to bootcamp in early 1988. I thrived in that environment and my strength training came in handy! Unfortunately, my GI issues were never far away and the USN ran every test they had to figure it out to no avail. I was honorably discharged shortly after the Gulf War.

Luckily while attending a conference, I came across the book Wheat Bellies and it changed my life.

The answer was right there – I had Celiac Disease. One month after going Gluten Free I was almost a new woman. I was so inspired to help others with their health challenges I attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to be certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. I graduated in 2014 and Health Mission 360 was formed.
I know my story is not unique and wanted a way to help others to be well and therefore able to break the lifestyle paradigm between living well vs just existing.

Health Mission 360° is dedicated to offering full-circle lifestyle management coaching.

We will determine what quadrant(s) of your life you’d like to focus on and build a plan from there. Complete with; daily workouts, meal planning with recipes and shopping lists, regular motivation and guidance, accountability check-ins, pantry and fridge makeovers, blood work review, career and relationship health, and even the libido factor!
Don’t let your constitution be your condition – let’s get started!

Specializing in:
- Celiac Disease & Food Allergies
- Diabetes Type II, adult onset & gestational
- Sports and work-related injuries
- Teenage athletes’ nutrition
- The after 40-50+ life takeover (you know who you are ;-))
- Vitamin and Supplement guidance
- Naturopathic remedies with Essential Oils and CBD 

Instagram: flysmartlynow Disclaimer – we might engage in one-minute dance parties from time to time too!!