Ann Walton

As a mom of four, I had forgotten to take care of myself along the way. At the age of 38 I set a goal to compete in a bikini competition by the time I turned 40. I had always worked out regularly and ate healthy. Not until I worked with a personal trainer did, I learn I had been doing it all wrong. I was eating all the wrong foods, not lifting weights, and only doing cardio. I began to educate myself and found Marco Missionary to coach and educate me into my second bikini competition at the age of 45. I found that age is just a number.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 24 years; I love caring for others. I have seen firsthand diseases that could have been prevented by good nutrition and exercise. I have a passion to educate and help others find a healthy active lifestyle that fits their world. I have found that many people do not how to maintain a well- balanced nutritional day to day lifestyle, yo-yoing up and down with their weight causing more damage to their health. I also want to educate others that a healthy lifestyle is not time consuming.

Ann Thomas - Macro Missionary