​Angie Clay

Angie Clay

​As an ACE certified personal trainer I’ve always loved working out and fitness, but in the last 8 years nutrition has really started to become my focus. As a busy mom to 3 kids I want to have energy and teach them healthy habits that will last a lifetime. After having 4 major surgeries in a two year time frame my own health suffered, and it was when I found Macro Missionary that everything fell into place.

​I believe that no one plan is right for everyone, each person is an individual with unique nutrition needs and goals, and my job is to help you find a solution that will last forever. I am passionate about helping people find a lifestyle that is both easy and effective, a way that you never have to diet again.

​Because I have 3 kids and 3 businesses along with a husband my specialty is helping busy moms find a way to take back their health without sacrificing the important things in their life. I have personally lost 55 lbs in the last 2 years using these principles and I know I can help people find that elusive balance that we are all searching for.

When embarking on a health journey I believe getting your mindset right is the most important key, so when I coach you I really dive into where the weight problem came from in the first place. We find a way together to move past those blocks and find the freedom you desire. Life is meant to be lived, and not controlled by what you can and can’t eat at any given time. Our health is our wealth, and I’m on a mission to help people regain their power and reach their health goals while living their best life.