Andrew Kaser

I’m Andrew Kaser, creator of Imago Dei // Spirit and Strength Coaching. Certified Fitness Trainer and Spirit Guide. We specialize in Strength & Lifestyle Training, Plant Based Nutrition/Supplementation and Spiritual Care.

You are here because you have a ‘battle’ you are staring in the face.
Imago Dei coaching is here to call out your divine greatness. Walking with you through your battle to awaken your spirit and grow your strength into a heroic story of freedom.

We believe we are both spirit and body…so by combining spirit guidance along with physical activity you’ll be on a path toward freedom.

The transformation you seek requires internal reflection, self mastery, and pushing yourself physically. We partner with you to overcome your most fierce obstacle - yourself. And that begins with going back to your beginning. You are the Imago Dei (Image of God). This truth gives you the foundation to build the healthy life you want. The life you were created for.

Our coaching is all about you - your story - your goals…your why. It begins with you. It ends with you. To get what you want will take investment. Courage. Tenacity. We are all in… are you?
Let’s have a conversation. It’s time to regain your swagger in life. Be healthy. Be strong. Be free.