Alisha Vansell

I am Alisha Vansell, owner of Grace & Growth Nutrition. My husband, Jake and I are parents to a sweet boy named River, as well as two labs. We both grew up and currently live in small town Missouri. In our free time, you can catch us camping at the lake. My passion for nutrition began in 2015 when I was dealing with undiagnosed thyroid illness. After becoming diagnosed, a doctor prescribed me a “quick fix” medication that I thought would be the answer to my struggles with weight loss! This led to a really hard battle with an eating disorder, and a really horrible relationship with food. Over the years I’ve tried every single fad diet there is. You name it, I’ve likely tried it. I have since started a journey to heal my mind and body, and I know that my struggles will someday be a testimony. My prayer for Grace & Growth Nutrition, is that I can help others create sustainable healthy lifestyles, without fad/yoyo dieting, and heal their mental and emotional relationship with food.