Macro Missionary is excited to work with you on your journey!

Contest prep takes hard work, dedication, accountability and even the best athletes need a good coach... 

Rex is a husband and father of 2! He joined Macro Missionary to not only compete and bring his best package to the stage, but to learn how to make this a lifestyle. He took home the overall Men's Physique and became Mr. Indianapolis! 

Nathan joined our team about 4 months prior to his first NPC bodybuilding show. He was coachable and followed the process. He took home a 1st, 2nd, and 5th place in some very competitive classes. 

Sandra is a busy full time employee who travels a lot for work. She was able to still do 3 shows in 2018 and find much success. She became the 2018 Miss Indianapolis for bikini at her final show in 2018! 

Larwan has taken the titles of Mr. Natural Indiana and Mr. Natural Indianapolis since joining the Macro Missionary Contest Prep team! Larwan also helps our members with posing! 

Why are we different?

We don't just tell you what to eat, we teach you why and help you become more educated about food.

We understand that you have a life outside of being an athlete and a competitor and life should still be lived regardless of the event you are preparing for.

Do you really want to look back at your life and remember it by constantly having to say "I can't eat that" or "we can't do date night I'm in prep".

These are the real issues standing in the way of most people we talk to, and once they understand this fact we can feel their aura change and immediately see the confidence overcome them.

Click below to enroll now and begin to understand the process and prepare for your next big event!

We’re looking forward to helping you step into the new you -- and make it easier to do than you’ve been led to believe.

A personal note from Jesse and Erika...

Our goal is to get you stage ready whether your show is in 4 weeks or 40! We want our athletes to be dedicated, determined, hard working, coachable, and ready to learn!

With over 20 years of experience competing, Jesse will bring you more information than you ever knew!

Erika is currently studying for her PhD in nutrition to ensure we are constantly providing our clients the best possible!

We also have an entire team on board to help you succeed from posing coaches to wellness counselors!

We look forward to the opportunity of helping you on your own unique journey.