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Erika & Jesse Dale have dedicated their lives to helping others become healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Using the science of Macronutrient based nutrition Jesse and Erika made it their mission in life to teach not only the application of this science but how to actually become, and reinvent yourself into a healthy, purpose driven person. They now are teaching this proven model to others and have made it their mission in life to make society more educated and aware of how proper nourishment and nutrition works. They are adamantly against “diets” and passionate about helping others create a sustainable lifestyle.


Jesse Dale


Erika Dale

Jason Patterson

Danielle Hofer

Jesse Dale
Nutrition Coach & Co-founder MacroMissionary

Jesse has been helping the community get in shape since he started in the industry at 18 years old working as a personal trainer.

His passion for health, fitness and nutrition has been fueled through his pursuit of education. Jesse went to Oakland University where he pursued a degree in Exercise Science he also acquired 5 national certifications from the American Council On Exercise (ACE) International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) World Instructor Training Schools (WITS) National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a several specialty certifications in nutrition.

In 2012 he went on to get his CrossFit level I certificate and his Powerlifting Specialty certificate through Westside Barbell. In 2015 Jesse obtained his USAW Level I coaches certificate and in 2016 he added a 4th nutrition certification through Eat To Perform. In 2018 Jesse added another nutrition certification through the Nutritional Coaching Institute by completing and passing his Level I exam Continuing education has always been a large priority for Jesse. 

After never being truly satisfied with the information being presented in all of the nutrition certifications out there Jesse and Erika created the MacroMissionay Level I Certificate which teaches people who have a passion for helping others become more aware and educated on nutrition. This certification leaves nothing out and takes students A-Z on how to use macronutrient based nutrition to change lives. Erika and Jesse also created an affiliate program that how’s people how to put their certificate to work and gives them the tools to positively impact large amounts of people using the MacroMissioany principles. Jesse won the Club Solutions Magazine Most Fit Health Club Professional award and was nominated for trainer of the year in PFP magazine. Jesse specializes in nutrition, leadership, and coaching. When not helping affiliates realize their dreams of running a business that helps others Jesse enjoys working out, being the Emcee for sporting events, furthering his faith in Jesus and competing in bodybuilding events. Jesse is available for seminars for your gym neighborhood or business. Email

Contest History:

  • 1998 NPC Novice Michigan Teen Champion
  • 2003 NANBF Lake Cities Championships 1st place Medium Class
  • 2004 NPC Novice Michigan 1st place Middleweight
  • 2004 NANBF Central Michigan Championships Overall Champion
  • 2004 NPC Flint Mid Michigan Overall Champion
  • 2004 NPC Ironman 1st place Middleweight
  • 2007 OCB Motown Muscle Classic IFPA Pro Qualifier Overall Champion
  • 2008 NPC Natural Ohio Middleweight Champion
  • 2010 NPC Northern Kentucky Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)
  • 2010 NPC GNC Classic Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)
  • 2010 NPC Indianapolis Middleweight Runner Up (National Qualifier)
  • 2010 NPC Ironman Middleweight 1st Place & Overall Champion
  • 2011 NPC Indianapolis Middleweight winner
  • 2011 NPC GNC Classic Middleweight winner
  • 2013 SPF Push/Pull Powerlifting Champion submasters & open
  • 2015 SPF Push/Pull Powerlifting Champion submasters & open
  • 2018 NPC Nicole Wilkins Overall Classic Physique Winner, Open Light heavyweight Class winner, Masters 40+ Winner
  • 2018 NPC Midwestern States Classic Physique Overall Winner, Masters Bodybuilder Overall Winner, Light heavyweight Open Class Winner
  • 2018 NPC Indianapolis Championships Masters Bodybuilding Overall Winner

Erika Dale
Co-Founder Macro Missionary

Erika has a masters degree in Psychology and began her fitness journey when she lost 60lbs and decided she wanted to help others on their journeys as she understood the difficulties, but also the joys along the way.


   - Level 1 CrossFit Coach 

   - USAW Level 1 Coaches Certificate

   - Eat to Perform Certificate (ETP)

   - NPC State Official

   - MS In Counseling

   - PhD (in progress) in Holistic Health & Nutrition

Erika runs her own health and wellness company which helps people reduce oxidative stress and fight the aging process.  To learn more, click here 


After losing over 60 lbs Erika found her calling in the holistic health & nutrition field and became the  the co-founder of MacroMissionary.  She serves as one of the nutrition coaches helping countless people reach their full potential using a lifestyle platform with roots in nutrition & overall health. 


Erika also enjoys being part of the Indiana NPC, serving  to help better the Indiana NPC.  Despite receiving her Masters and getting her PhD in Holistic Nutrition & Wellness Erika also competes as an athlete in figure competitions throughout the state.  

Jason Patterson
Business Development Leader

Jason “Warriorfit” Patterson is a husband to Ashley and father of five amazing children! Jason accepted the role as Director of Business Development with MacroMillionaire after working with many clients and earning 6 figures within 8 months of opening Warrior Fit Nutrition & Wellness. The time and financial freedom completely changed his life, allowing his wife to leave a career that was burning her out and allowed her to pursue her dream of owning a Faith based clothing line (Geared In Grace). After experiencing this success by following the MacroMillionaire system, he wanted to share it with the world.

Jason became a business development coach for MacroMillionaire using his passion, expertise, and heart to help other businesses in the network do the same as him. Jason immediately had an impact. Coaches began to double and triple their revenue in only months under his guidance! He had finally found his place where his gift zone was being fully shared and used by others.

With an extensive background in coaching, sales, and social media marketing Jason creates a learning environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to continually challenge themselves in a fun and rewarding way! Whether you want to level up your business, enhance your coaching skills, improve your mind sets, grow your income by helping more clients or just be the best overall person that you can be, he can help you achieve your goals.

When you become a MacroMillionaire and launch your coaching business with us, Jason will be helping you get an edge in life, making you “Warriorfit” and living out the MacroMillionaire vision!!

Danielle Hofer
Director of Education

Danielle Hofer, owner of Crying In My Cheesecake, is a wife to a retired veteran of the Air Force and home schools her three children. She's passionate about her faith, her family, and her business. Becoming a MacroMillionaire in 2019 jump started Danielle in pursuing her innate desire to help others live their lives abundantly. After seeing the success of her clients and her influence to others in the business development group, she joyously joined the MacroMillionaire Team in 2020 as Director of Education, because education and teaching is what lights a fire under her tail!

Danielle continues to further her own education, as business and nutrition research is evolving. She is certified in women's health issues, including maternal wellness--from trying to conceive through postpartum, and will be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in July 2021 upon graduation.

With an extensive background in the science and mindset like: recovery principles, addictions, behavioral issues, mental struggles, depression, anxiety, obesity, obesity related diseases, motivational interviewing, women's issues, and so much more, Danielle brings to the table a full gamut of applicable educational topics that will enhance your ability to meet your client where he or she is, and help guide them to their goals.


  • Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (Estimated Graduation July 2021)
  • Certified Prenatal Postpartum Coach.
  • GirlsGoneStrong Level-1+
  • MacroMissionary Level-1 Nutrition Coach
  • Masters of Education: Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
  • Bachelor of Science: Butler University
  • Personal fighter of long genetic lines of obesity and obesity related diseases; codependency, anger, anxiety, and more.







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